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The China Expert ABC to Doing Business in China

China Expert International - Your Bridge to Doing Business in China

China Expert International Ltd. is not another consulting company based in China nor is it just an agent fulfilling a middleman role.

China Expert International is your office, your staff, and your home from home. We are your experts and we see our task as helping you utilize your expertise to the best in China.

We will help you climb the ladder to success in China one rung at a time. We know and understand that people come in different shapes and sizes and some are capable of skipping some of the steps on the way to the top, but which way you want to go we will be there to guide you.

China Expert’s ABC approach to Doing Business in China:


Different cultures approach business in different ways.

Often when West meets East there is a cross-culture problem and many a business opportunity has been lost because of avoidable misunderstandings.

This is why that we recommend that we initially help you to develop the right approach to doing business in China by commencing with a Business Orientation Trip .

The trip will be tailor made to your requirements and may well include cross-culture training, an opportunity to see for yourselves what wares are available in the domestic market and will help you understand the local economic and financial situation.

Best info:

We will provide you with the best information so as to ensure that you have all the tools that you need to make the right decision for your company.

At this stage we conduct detailed Market Research for the product that you wish to source from China or for the product that you wish to penetrate into the Chinese market.

We will provide you with a list screened and filtered to a logical size in accordance with your requirements and not just reams and reams of raw data.


Now that you have all the information we will help you create the most suitable China Operation for your purposes. This may well range between keeping China Expert International as your China Office handling your orders, quality control and monitoring the market, consulting and so on), or in helping you to decide whether to establish a Joint Venture with a Chinese Partner, to open a Representative Office or to establish your own China company known as a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise.

China Expert International takes pleasure in introducing foreign companies and business people to the vibrant mosaic of the Chinese business realm.

Please regard this as my personal invitation to you to contact me Colin Friedman the Managing Director of China Expert International for further details.

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