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Services for Expats in China and Business Visitors to China

China can be a daunting place for new expats and business visitors. There is so much to be organised before you arrive and during your first few months.

Don't worry - we are old China Hands. Our staff are both long term expats and local nationals. We understand the challenges you face and have all the solutions.

We've been there, done that and , yes, we've got the tee-shirt.

So let China Expert help you find your way around the most vibrant expatriate community in the world.

We are the expat service for expats.

We've been there done that, so we can show you all the ropes, help you walk the walk and talk the talk.

Pre-arrival services

Before you even set foot in China, we will discuss with you your personal and business requirements. We know your time is precious, so we will help you plan your first visit to meet all your objectives as efficiently as effectively as possible.

Perhaps, you want to visit local business contacts, search for office premises, find residential accommodation, check out the schools, have a personal interpreter or simply do some sightseeing. Just tell us, and we will arrange a tailor-made visit for you.

Arrival services

From the moment you first arrive in China we offer a fully bespoke service. We offer a unique personalised service that will help you find your feet as quickly as possibe.

Our service typically starts with a "Meet and Greet". We will meet you at the Airport and accompany you to your pre-booked hotel or apartment. We will provide you with a "Welcome pack" of local information that has been personalised to your requirements.

Over the next few days, we will help you settle in to your new China life by guiding you through any (or all) of the following:

* Finding an apartment in a suitable area

* Accompanied shopping trips (with a local interpreter)to furnish your new home and buy those little extras.

* Advice on local International Schools for children of all ages

* Advice on Language Schools and/or personal language tutors.

* Advice on local Medical and Health issues including appropriate registrations and introductions to English speaking doctors and dentists.

* Advice on local Religious Services (all religions and denominations).

* Advice on local public and private transport - including flights, trains, taxis, car rental and even, motorcycles and bicycles.

* Introductions to local embassies, chambers of commerce, business organisations and expatriate clubs.

* Translation and interpreter services.

* Introductions to legal, accounting, financial and tax advisers.

* Introductions to the English speaking community including bookshops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

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